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2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Date & Time:
May 5, 2020 @ 10: 00 AM ET

Virtual Meeting

Summary of Proceedings

Presiding: Giovanni Caforio, M.D., Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer

A total of 2,262,466,899 shares of the company’s common stock and $2.00 convertible preferred stock were represented at the meeting in person or by proxy. This attendance constituted approximately 86% of the shares outstanding and entitled to vote at the meeting.

Election of the Board of Directors:
Nominated and elected to serve as directors of the company until the 2021 Annual Meeting were Peter J. Arduini, Robert Bertolini, Michael W. Bonney, Giovanni Caforio, M.D., Matthew W. Emmens, Julia A. Haller, M.D., Dinesh C. Paliwal, Theodore R. Samuels, Vicki L. Sato, Ph.D., Gerald L. Storch, Karen H. Vousden, Ph.D. and Phyllis R. Yale.? Each nominee for Director received a “FOR” vote of at least 81.3% percent of the shares voted.

Management Proposals:
The management proposal on the advisory vote to approve the compensation of our named executive officers was approved by a vote of 1,488,216,779 shares in favor, with 108,570,439 shares against, 7,644,510 shares abstaining and 342,470,123 broker non-votes.

The appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as independent registered public accounting firm for the company for the year 2020 was ratified by a vote of 1,884,281,232 shares in favor, with 52,808,475 shares against and 9,812,144 shares abstaining.

Shareholder Proposals:
The shareholder proposal on separate Chair and CEO was not approved based upon a vote of 710,926,387 shares in favor, with 883,136,445 shares against, 10,368,896 shares abstaining and 342,470,123 broker non-votes.

The shareholder proposal on shareholder right to act by written consent was not approved based upon a vote of 693,125,224 shares in favor, with 900,453,724 shares against, 10,852,780 shares abstaining and 342,470,123 broker non-votes.

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